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Pollman’s Tours & Safaris is among Kenya’s oldest and most respected tour companies , with a great successful  inbound tourism track record. We are delighted to offer the same level of experience and offers to both Kenya and East Africa residents through   “ Tembea Kenya with Pollmans”  redefining domestic tourism.

Founded in the 1950s, Pollman’s Tours & Safaris has grown to more become an industry leader with more than 200 latest model vehicles meeting the needs of a variety of group and individual clients and custom designed for the roads of Kenya.

We are one of the most established tour operators in Kenya with countless awards under our belts. We have been voted Kenya’s leading inbound tour operator for 4 years running and Africa’s leading inbound operator for 2 years by the World Travel Awards.

We only operate our tours using latest 4X4 tailored land cruisers with well trained and deeply knowledgeable driver guides. If you truly want a memorable “ Tembea Kenya experience”  then please come with us because we are here to redefine domestic tourism .

Our Values

Be part of the story

Every single Pollmans traveler and team member has written a chapter of the Pollman's story.

We are local

Travel restrictions and health concerns have decreased demand for international tourism and increased the popularity of domestic tourism. We encourage domestic travelers to take our trips for less money in locations that they have never been to before.

Life's an adventure

We’re adventurous in all that we do. Pushing the boundaries, putting ourselves out there and being open to new travel ideas.

We're about people

The world is about people, not things. Great people make us the company we are. We celebrate individuality, diversity, connections and a little bit of craziness.

Challenge everything

Without a healthy disregard for the impossible we would be just another travel company, and that’s nowhere near good enough for us.

Do things with passion

One of the most important things we’ve learned along our journey: do things with passion or not at all.

Tread lightly

It’s not about a sustainability statement in a brochure or on a website; it’s about a way of life that respects people, wildlife and our planet.

To us every moment counts

Life is there for the living. Make sure you never look back with regrets.

Our Awards

Kenya’s Leading inbound tour operator for 5 years running!

Africa’s leading inbound tour operator for 2 years running!