What is Included

All accommodation, internal transport, and most meals are included in the cost of your Safari.

What is not included?

We keep a number of meal times free for you to explore a region and its foodie offerings in greater detail, so budgeting for non-catered meals is important. In terms of activities, we offer Free Time Add-Ons, which are additional experiences you can get involved in during your free time on tour, which are not included in the overall price. Travel insurance and not included in the cost of your trip, and need to be booked separately.

Health & Vaccination

Medical Conditions

If you suffer from any form of medical condition, be sure to have an adequate supply of relevant medications prior to departing on your trip and advise us of any important medical conditions you may have at time of booking.

What to Pack for my Trip

It’s super important to be prepared when it comes to your health, and this includes any medication you may need on the road, such as: antihistamines, antibiotics, or any additional precautionary tablets, creams, first aid kits, mosquito sprays, sun-creams etc. Just make sure you pack all the important stuff in an easily accessible safe place, ideally in your hand luggage.

What if I get sick while traveling?

Sickness is never ideal, but sometimes the inevitable happens when you’re on the road experiencing new foods and ways of life. Depending on the severity of your sickness, your Trip Manager will help you find any medicine or health requirements you may need. Taking out comprehensive insurance before travelling with Tembea Kenya Pollmans is a highly recommended and will ensure you are covered for any personal injury, medical expenses etc. that you may incur.

How can I keep healthy on the road?

To stay healthy when you’re constantly out and about  it is the key to ensure you get the most from your travelling experience. Keeping an eye on what you’re eating and drinking, how much movement you’re doing, getting a decent amount of sleep and just knowing when enough is enough will do wonders for both your physical and mental health.

Booking Your Trip

How do I book my Safari?

Booking with Tembea kenya is super simple and best of all, you have options. If you want to book directly through us, head to www.pollmans.co.ke and select ‘your destination’. This will show you all the packages and itienaaries. You can also filter by type of trip. If you are more of a people person and want to chat to one of our team, give us a call on (+254) 0733727947 and we can book your Safari over the phone.

Can I book more than one safari at a time?

Absolutely, why limit yourself, right? We are here to tailor make your trip.


What is your cancellation Policy?

Payment for the tour is a fundamental part of the tour’s income and contributes to the overall cost of equipment, running costs, staffing, administration, etc. As the Company will have incurred the majority of its costs before the tour starts, we need to impose cancellation charges to cover these costs.  For Tembea Kenya you pay up front in full but cancellation policy applies.

Paying for your Trip

Do I have to pay all at once when I pay?

If you are booking your trip well in advance of the departure date, you only need to pay the deposit upon first booking, and then just ensure you have paid off the entire amount 14 days prior to departure. If you are booking 14 days or less before the trip departure date, you will need to pay the full amount of the trip up front.

How much is the Deposit?

Deposits differ depending on where in Magical Kenya you are booking your trip to. To find out how much deposit you need to pay for a safari please simple drop us email us an tembeakenya@pollmans.co.ke.

How do I make Payments?

You can make payments towards your Safari through the given bank details on your invoice or even better via Mpesa.

Confirmation and Documentation

I have booked, now what?

Once your booking has been confirmed it’s important to provide us with all your details before you travel. You can also amend your booking details and access trip itineraries.

You’ll also need to make sure your trip is paid off in full no less than 14 days prior to departure. Necessary documents for your trip will then be sent to you around 7 days prior to your departure date. These documents include, airline tickets, SGR tickets (if purchased through us), and a day-to-day itinerary.

What do I need to get onto the trip?

On arrival, you will need to provide us with your booking confirmation, identification details, Passport details (If travelling internationally) and emergency contact information.

When will I receive documentation?

All documentation will be sent via email 7 days prior to your trip departure.

Group Bookings

Can I book a group?

Yes , you can takeover and book your group on any of our well-crafted trips!

Do you do custom trips?

Indeed we do, as long as you’re booking with a minimum of 20 people who are all traveling together and booking at the same time. All Custom Groups have exclusive use of Tembea Kenya Pollmans Trip Manager, coach and Driver. All of our Custom Group prices are quoted on a NET, non-commissionable, per person price. If this sounds sweet, contact our reservations teams with your requirements or email them tembeakenya@pollmans.co.ke

Terms and Conditions

What are your terms and conditions?

Please visit our Booking Policy Page